Gold at your fingertips


at your fingertips

Become a gold owner with the flexibility, portability and ... security of being able to hold, use or spend it anytime, anywhere. As a PMC owner you can now barter for goods and services around the world. Open your account with us today! More and more online and retail businesses are recognizing the intrinsic value of gold and are accepting it as value for their products and services.

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Piggy Bank Confidence in knowing the physical gold is safely stored within a trust.
Transfer Transfer gold holdings to other individuals or entities as payment for goods and services.
Safety Safety through the use of distributed ledger technology and the security it provides.

Access a State of the Art Digital Platform for Precious Metals

The investment landscape is constantly evolving, and you want access to the hottest commodities as part of your portfolio. Gold is one of the most lucrative commodities that you can invest in, and now, with PMC Group, you have access to the most intuitive digital platform for precious metals available. Our proprietary technology makes it easy to invest then use your digital precious metals as currency for transactions worldwide. Make the smart choice and invest in precious metals such as gold and silver today.

Our Technology for Buying and Selling Gold Online

At PMC Group, we make it easy for our partners to buy and sell gold through our digital platform for precious metals. We leverage a distributed ledger technology combined with our proprietary platform to create the most easily transferrable process that fits seamlessly into your transactions all over the world. Choose from your funding sources, quickly convert your cash to gold, and then transfer your gold to your eWallet for use in any e-commerce transaction. It is that simple! Now you can buy digital precious metals to diversify your portfolio for precision wealth management.

Start Your New Investment in Precious Metals Today

Your portfolio needs to grow in the most diversified ways in order for you to see maximum gains. Investing in precious metals such as silver and gold is now made possible using a digital platform for precious metals with PMC Group. Sign up today or call us at (800) 599-8391.

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Pay anybody with a PMC account. Scan their unique QR code or enter their vendor ID number and they will receive their payment in seconds.